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They are :
➢ To sensitize, inform, and mobilize youth, promote, stimulate and coordinate the activities of the African Youth as part of its participation in building its capacity, the bodies of decision making in the political, economic and cultural continent;
➢ To contribute to development, the deepening and consolidation of the demographic process in Africa and also defend the Continent of demographic acquired;
➢ To ensure the proper involvement of the principles contained in the African Charter and other instruments developed by the African Union, particularly for youth;
➢ Serving as interlocutor with the Regional Economic Communities, the Commission of the African Union and United Nations agencies and other partners for issues related to the African Youth;
➢ Serve as a legitimate representative and communication link youth organizations in the Regional Continental and International level;
➢ To create synergies between African youth organizations for promoting the popularization and implementation of the African Youth Charter;
➢ Participate in connection with Member States, Regional Economic Communities, the Commission of the African Union, United Nations agencies and other international organizations in the formulation, implementation monitoring and evaluation of national youth policies in the Member States of the African Union;
➢ To revitalize and develop the partnership with NGOs National, Regional and International as well as the African Civil Societies in accordance with the principles of PYU;
➢ To strengthen, diversify and strengthen the partnership and international cooperation within the associative youth movement and institutions that work in favor of Youth.