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As envisaged, during the 26th Summit of Heads of state and government of the African Union, young Africans exchanged with African Leaders during the 5th edition of the Intergenerational Dialog organized by the African Union Commission and the Pan African Youth Union from January 27th to 28th 2015 at the African Union Headquarter with the topic, to make profitable the democratic dividend in Africa, for the realization of the sustainable development objectives and the Agenda 2063 of the African Union under the moderation of the President of the PYU, Francine MUYUMBA.
The first day of January 27th was an opportunity for the young Africans who came from various countries of the Continent and those of the Diaspora, to exchange initially between them, in a young people advisory forum. On proposal of the PYU, the Young Africans unanimously supported the proposal of the PYU for the installation of an African Youth Fund for projects of Young Africans in order to promote Entrepreneurship in the young people. The young people also hammered on the permanent headquarter of Africa within the Security Council of the United Nations, by requiring a reform within the United Nations Security Council. The Young Africans also tackled the question of terrorism and extremism, for which they estimated that job creation for young people remain the primary strategy for peace and Security on the continent. January 28th, the day of the Dialog, the President of the PYU, before the exchanges with the African leaders, reminded the young people the opportunities that this dialog offers. The event was of high range with the presence of the president of the African Union Commission Her Excellence Dr. DLAMINI NKOSAZANA ZUMA.
Amongst the personalities present in addition to the few Executives of the African Union Commission, also the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Democratic republic of Congo, of Algeria, three Gambian Ministers, and Malawi’s Minister of Youth, the Commissioner of Human Resources of the African Union, the Persons in charge of the UNFPA and BIT, as well as other African personalities. The President of the African Union Commission has in her turn challenged the Young people on the role which they have to play on the scene of the continent, because the African problems are not only specific to the African leaders, but the young people also have a role very important to play. Then comes the moment of questions and answers between the young people and the leaders. Each part defends its cause. Before closing her word, the President of the Commission promised to make the follow-up and to organize with the PYU during the year another Dialog of that kind but more on the role of the Young people. Also speaking, the Congolese Minister of Foreign affairs Raymond TSHIBANDA encouraged the young people to remain optimistic and to invest himself for the development of Africa.
The President of the PYU Francine MUYUMBA in the name of African Youth, thanked the African Heads of state and government to have allotted the topic of the African Union 2017 on Youth. In this case, all African Youth must prepare to push the African Union to have concrete achievements on the Youth of the Continent. For African Youth the year 2016 is very important because it commemorated the 10th Anniversary of the African Charter of Youth in May in Banjul in Gambia. With this great event, it will be a matter of evaluating the achievements of the States regarding the commitments entered into in 2016 in regards with the African Youth Charter.