15. 12. 05
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The President of the UPJ Francine Muyumba and SGA Dalitso Mbewe just made a short working visit to Banjul, Gambia Preparations for the 10th Anniversary of the Charter AFRICAN Youth, on site, they met the country's authorities and Gambian Youth for the preparations for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the African Youth Charter, to be held from 21 to 25 May 2016 in Banjul, Republic of the Gambia.

For a few days of intense work, many meetings and inspections of facilities that can host this meeting that will bring together representatives of African Youth and every African Youth Ministers of the Member States of the African Union. The ultimate goal of these meetings is to assess the achievements of States in the implementation of the African Youth Charter and consider other alternatives for accelerating youth empowerment for the ten years to come up.
It is in this light that the President of the UPJ and SGA Southern Africa were also at work on the African Youth Summit program planned on the sidelines of the celebration of this 10th anniversary.
So they met the local organization composed of different Ministries of Government of the Gambia Committee who visit the premises and hotels designed to accommodate all the Authorities and African Youth, international guests, including Young Africans in the Diaspora.
A young international technicians working group was set up immediately to accelerate the preparations for the Summit. Mentoring program for Young Women contained in the Agenda of the President of the UPJ Being the first woman from the Continent to lead this structure, she also shared with young Gambian women of the association "The Calabash" in their office Banjul. The youth entrepreneurship is the workhorse of the UPJ They had to talk also with the Young Entrepreneurs Gambians who were en route to Dakar to present the 26 agribusiness projects selected by the Young Global Youth Innovation Network GYIN, and lucky enough to be funded GYIN partners. Before leaving The Gambia President of the UPJ and SGA Dalitso responded to the invitation of Gambian Minister of Youth to follow up with them at the stage of the independence of Banjul the Gambia-Mauritania match that ended in a tie score.