The participation of the PYU president in the African Youth Dialogue in Dar Es Salam

da1In Dar Es Salam, Tanzania, at the African Youth Dialogue, the Pan African Youth Union (PYU) President supported once again the campaign "Not Too Young to Run" as we beleive in young people's participation in decision making.

The opportunity must be given to young people to run for legislative elections, to become members of Governments, even for top leadership positions in their respective countries, all young people in political parties and beyond must request for a youth quota on their electoral lists at least 40 % and perhaps negociable at 35 % and not less than 30 %, PYU encourages all young people in their respective countries to overcome generation conflicts.
It is not about young people wanting to kick out the old generation but to serve together as their experience is needed to mentor the young ones.

No Youth shall be in a political party which does not promote youth participation.
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