Strategic Meeting for Africa's participation to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students

Reunion 19In February 2017, when we signed the Memoranda of Understanding on Youth Development in Africa and Russia and the World Youth and Student Festival in Sotshi, Russia, in October, we promised to invite young Leaders from Russians in Kinshasa for a strategic meeting for the “participation of Africa in the 19th World Youth and Student Festival.

The delegation of young Russians and other delegations of young political leaders of Africa arrived on Thursday and Friday 28th – 29th, April, 2017 in Kinshasa to participate in the said meeting under the high patronage of H.E Joseph Kabila President of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Head of State.

For two days, we have been exchanging about Africa's participation in this festival with several other subjects aimed at the development of young people, contrary to the traditional and political ideology of this festival.

We exchanged more with the young Russians on how to make the voices of the world's youth heard on issues such as terrorism threatening the world, peace, environmental issues, economic issues and many other important issues Development of youth through the achievement of the Sustainable Development Objectives, ODD in acronym.

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Guest Speaker of the day, the Congolese Minister of Communication and Media His Excellency Lambert Mende Omalanga, during his speech, presented the current political situation in the DRC.

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The Deputy Cabinet Director of the President of the Republic in charge of Political, Administrative and Legal Affairs, Mr. Jean Pierre Kambila represented His Excellency the President of the Republic Head of State at the official opening of this meeting.

The president of the Russia’s Youth has promised to continue working closely with young Africans especially on development issues so that both sides benefit from this memorandum of understanding.

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Youths from across the globe will gather in Russia in October for the world festival of Youth and Students to discuss the role of youth in addressing the current world problems and finding solutions for the. It’s time for the youth to unite because a united youth is a strong youth.

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