Message from the President of the Pan African Youth Union on the occasion of the Africa Youth Day.

1er Novembre 2018 JAJ 4On the first day of November each year, Africa celebrates the African Youth Day. It's time for Africa to act on the challenges of youth  development. Join the Pan-African Youth Union as we stand with African youth to channel motivation, energy, and creativity into the continent's political, social and economic renewal to build a bright future.

With nearly 400 million people aged between 15 and 35, Africa has the youngest population of the world. But today, the majority of young people in Africa do not have economic opportunities. Nearly one-third is unemployed and discouraged, another third is vulnerable and only one in six is in paid employment.

Young people are the greatest asset of Africa. The number of young Africans is growing rapidly and is expected to double to more than 830 million by 2050. If properly harnesed, this increase in the working-age population could support higher productivity and stronger, more inclusive economic growth across the African continent. We cannot leave Africa poor when it was created rich for the good of all the African people. Young Africans do not deserve to die in the Mediterranean Sea seeking their future elsewhere when their future lies in Africa. It's time for Africa's leaders and friends of africa to invest in youth because the future is uncertain.

For this year 2018, we celebrate this day of youth under the theme "Raising Youth Voices Against Corruption in Africa” African youth is the hope of the continent and can play a key role in the fight against corruption. When corruption occurs, it affects many aspects of people's daily lives. Anti-corruption initiatives should be encouraged. When young people tolerate corruption, the future of the continent is weakened because corruption destroys trust in the institutions of a whole continent.

Today, on behalf of African Youth, we also call on our leaders to lead by example for a corruption free continent as this will encourage the youth to stand against corruption. Our institutions have the responsibility to strengthen youth leadership across the continent instead of weakening them because Africa needs committed and competitive youth that does not please our leaders at 100% as we have to challenge them for actions.

As we celebrate Youth Day across the African continent and Diaspora, we recognize the power of youth to contribute to building a more just and equitable world by defending social change, economic growth, and sustainable development in all areas of African society.

We congratulate many young people who fight against corruption and make a difference in our countries.

Long live African youth, long live Africa,

Thank you.


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Ending Corruption is a fight and African Leader should lead by example by fighting Corruption and by understanding it is the main challenges to the effectiveness and sustainability of development efforts.

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