1st Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pan African Youth Union

18. 12. 15

1st Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pan African Youth Union

Communiqué Final Kinshasa 2018



The Pan African Youth Union (PYU) held the first extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee on December 12, 2018, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, at the Kin Plaza Hotel.

The members of the present Executive Committee who took part are :

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (President)
  • Madagascar (Vice-President / Southern Africa)
  • Mali (Secretary General)
  • Morocco (Deputy Secretary General / North Africa)
  • Diaspora (Deputy Secretary-General)
  • Uganda (Deputy Secretary General / East Africa)

The members of the Executive Committee are :

  • Central African Republic (Deputy Secretary General / Central Africa)

Members of the Executive Committee who were absent are :

  • Gabon (Vice-President / Central Africa)
  • Niger (Vice-President / West Africa)
  • Egypt (Vice-President / North Africa)
  • Diaspora (Vice-President),
  • Sudan (Deputy Secretary General / Host Country)
  • Ghana (Deputy Secretary General / West Africa)

The meeting had the following agenda:

Item 1: Reading and finalizing the recommendations of the final communiqué of the 1st regular meeting of the Executive Committee;
Item 2: Presentation of the report of the regional consultative meetings on the PYU reforms;
Item 3: State of action of regional activities of the Pan African Youth Union;
Item 4: Discussion on the cases of indiscipline of some members of the Executive Committee of the PYU; Item 5: Discussion on vacancies in the Executive Committee;
Item 6: Observation of the general elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo;
Item 7: Miscellaneous questions.

 At the end of the activities, the Executive Committee made the following decisions:

1 / Concerning the question of the reform of the Pan-African Youth Union, the Executive Committee after having taken note of the report of the regional consultations on the reforms decided to set up the steering committee of the UPJ's reforms composed members of the Executive Committee of the PYU, a Representative from each region from the National Youth Councils and its alternate, two representatives of the African Union Commission, three representatives of regional or international youth organizations, An expert on youth from each region through ministries in charge of youth to pursue organizational reforms essential to the good functioning of the organization in accordance with its missions as stipulated by the statutes and rules of procedure.

The results of the activities of the regional consultations of the NYCs will be transmitted to the member states through the ministries in charge of the youth, the Commission of the African Union for their observation.

The suggestions and proposed amendment of the latter will serve as a basis for the steering committee for the final drafting of the project document of the PYU reforms which will be sent to the Executive Committee for the organization of an extraordinary congress of the PYU which will be organized during the year 2019 with the assistance of the Commission of the African Union.However, the final decisions are taken by the Executive Committee.

2 / The Executive Committee validated the action plan for the year 2019 provided that the General secretariat finalizes the work by elaborating the terms of reference of the programmed activities, namely:
Organization of the Pan-African Youth Forum in April 2019; Organization of International Capacity Building Seminar for NYCs and other youth structures in each region on the following themes:

- Employment and Irregular Immigration in North Africa;
- Peace, Security and Violent Extremism in West Africa;
- Health and Environment in Central Africa;
- Citizenship and youth leadership in East Africa;
- Governance of the Internet and Digital and Ecological Transformation in Africa
- Structuring of the young people of the Diaspora in Belgium.

3 / The Executive Committee in order to improve the work of the UPJ in the different Member States urged the Vice-Presidents and Deputy Secretaries-General to continue the advocacy actions on the following points:
- Adoption of a national youth policy in all states;
- Ratification and implementation of the African Youth Charter by all countries
members of the African Union;
- Establishment of the National Youth Council in AU member countries not having
- Implementation of United Nations Resolution 2250 by all countries

 4 / The Executive Committee of the Pan-African Youth Union renewed its commitment to work closely with the African Union Commission and urged it to set up the committee to review the resumption of collaboration in accordance with to the resolution of the meeting of youth, sports and culture ministers held in Algiers in October 2018 to support the process of reform of the PYU and the holding of the extraordinary congress scheduled for 2019.

5 / The Committee took note of the request of the leaders of young Africans and the Diaspora during the regional consultative meetings held in Kinshasa for the DRC to host the extraordinary PYU congress on the reforms in 2019, including the Congolese government took note of this request and would be ready to host the said congress.

6 / The Committee condemned with the utmost rigidity the cases of indiscipline of certain members of the committee through a statement defaming the organization and asked the Secretary-General to send a letter of request for immediate withdrawal of the communiqué to the latter.

The committee set up a Disciple Commission in accordance with Article 45 of the PYU Statutes to take appropriate measures in case of non-compliance with this decision.

7 / The committee instructed the Secretary-General to refer to the member states of East Africa (Vice-President) and Southern Africa (Deputy Secretary-General) regions for their candidatures for vacancies.

8 / The Committee took note of a letter of resignation from the Vice-President of West Africa on social networks and asked the Secretary-General to contact the Republic of Niger to clarify this situation and propose appropriate measures.

9 / The Executive Committee analyzed the political, economic, social and cultural situation of the Continent through the following points:

The Executive Committee:
- Thanked the President of the Republic, His Excellency Joseph Kabila KABANGE, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Congolese people for their constant support for the holding of regional consultation meetings and their legendary hospitality for the African youth.

- Congratulated the President of the Republic of Mali His Excellency Mr. Ibrahim Boubacar KEITA for his re-election as head of the supreme magistracy of the country and especially for having dedicated his second mandate to the Malian youth.

- Commended the massive and qualitative participation of the young leaders of Africa and its Diaspora and took note of their motions of support for the Executive Committee.

- Thanked the Independent National Commission of the DRC for the accreditation of the PYU to participate in the observation of the general elections of 2018.

- Congratulated the Republic of Senegal for the organization of the Youth Olympic Games in 2023 and reiterated the support of the African youth for the success of this great historic event for our continent.
- Congratulated the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the State of Eritrea for the reconciliation and resumption of cooperation between these two countries.

- Congratulated the United Nations for the opening of a constructive dialogue between the actors of the regional conflict in Western Sahara and urged the parties to a consensual solution for the benefit of peace in this region.

- Expressed his condolences to the Republic of Ghana and the United Nations on the disappearance of the late Koffi Annan.

Kinshasa, December 12th, 2018