MARUFU RUFARO Jacqueline, Commissioner Employment and Entrepreneurship, Zimbabwe

19. 03. 25

MARUFU RUFARO Jacqueline, Commissioner Employment and Entrepreneurship, Zimbabwe


My name is Jacqueline Rufaro Marufu, a 24-year-old Zimbabwean woman born and raised. I have more than 6 years of experience in social entrepreneurship. with an interest in job creation, youth development, poverty reduction and women's empowerment. I am co-owner of Globetenet Limited, which is an electrical installation and general maintenance company registered in Zimbabwe. In addition, I also run a project called Ushe Arts, which allows artists from all over Zimbabwe to be searched. linking them to international galleries, collectors and exhibitions, particularly in the UK and South Africa.

I hold a Bachelor degree in International Accounting (University of Northampton, 2018), a Certificate in Business Development and Entrepreneurship (University of South Africa, 2017), a degree in Business Administration Graduate Studies in Finance and Business Economics (University of East Anglia, 2015) and an International Diploma in Business Management and Economics (University of East Anglia, 2014).

While there is always room for growth, learning and career development, my greatest achievement has been the growth of Globetenet Limited. From a small start-up located in Msasa (Harare) with only 2 permanent employees and 2 assistant technicians contracted, the company has grown in one year to 3 permanent employees and 4 assistant technicians contract and extended its operations to other cities such as Chegutu and Kadoma.