FATIMA ABDI Ali, Commissioner for Civic Participation, Somalia

19. 03. 25

FATIMA ABDI Ali, Commissioner for Civic Participation, Somalia


Fatima Abdi Ali born in 1995 in Somalia, co-founder of Somali Youth Vision Organization, Pan African Youth Representative for Somalia, a multilingual speaker (Somali, English, Arabic and Turkish), and former President of City University Student Government. Received Political Science Degree at City University of Mogadishu and currently studies MA International Relation at Istanbul University. Ms. Ali, a qualified social worker, with over 5 years of competitive experience in working youth development programs and their social & political participations at Country and regional level.

A hardworking young lady, a winner of many disciplined awards such as African Youth Hero Award in 2015 at Addis Ababa and Somali YES Award. She is a strong advocator of young people’s rights and their empowerment in terms of good governance, constitutional rights, elections and youth engagement in the country that are socially excluded governmental decisions.
Having a consistent track record of working successfully with social organizations such as civil societies, universities around the country and women led organizations within a variety of settings. Possessing an in-depth understanding of African Youth Strategies and Policies Specially Agenda 2063.

She is highly motivated and respected community activist, especially inspiring young people on their full rights of political, social and economic opportunities. Excellent community outreach management skills & talent of analyzing social problems into their way out through empowering common interest solutions.

Fallowing by the African Youth Charter, Agenda 2063 and other legal policies of Pan African Youth Union, Ms. Ali will ensure establishing key fundemental African youth civic participation strategies.These strategies will include guidance for civic participation and empowerment program, promoting youth inclusivity approach and also establishing media and civic advocacy through online advocacy strategies.

Fatima Abdi Ali

Civic Participation