Francine Muyumba resigns from the Pan-African Youth Union to extend her public engagement in the Senate of the DR Congo.

19. 04. 25

Francine Muyumba resigns from the Pan-African Youth Union to extend her public engagement in the Senate of the DR Congo.

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Mrs. Ambassador Francine Muyumba, announced today its resignation from the Presidency of the Pan African Youth Union (UPJ), the continental body responsible for coordinating youth organizations and the African Union focal point on youth issues.

Thus, she will devote herself fully to her mandate as Senator in the Senate of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to which she was elected on March 15 after having collected the best results from the province of Haut Katanga.
Francine Muyumba, the Ambassador, was elected to the head of the Pan African Youth Union in 2014. She had obtained good results, especially in terms of youth participation in decision-making processes or in the financing of projects supporting young entrepreneurs.

Muyumba’s mandate was notably marked by the successful implementation of the African Fund for Youth Development with a base amount of 7 million USD(In 2017, at the 29th Ordinary Session of the African Union Conference, Heads of State and Heads of Government approved the establishment of the African Youth Development Fund and authorized the allocation of an amount equal to at least 1% of the African Union Commission’s program budget to the African Youth Fund).

These funds, which mark a significant milestone, facilitate access to financing the young entrepreneurs’ projects and contributes to the creation of jobs for young Africans.

“I leave the Pan African Youth Union with emotion and sense of accomplishment. Two-thirds of young Africans are unemployed or in unwholesome jobs. Only 3 million jobs in the formal sector are created annually, while 12 million young people enter the labor market each year. Africa needs to create 9 million jobs each year. When we know that the private sector in Africa provides about 70% of the output, 70% of the investments and 90% of the jobs on the continent, it became crucial to support the entrepreneurial mindset. This is why the African Fund for the Development of Youth is of paramount importance, “said Francine Muyumba, Ambassador.

Mrs. Francine Muyumba, Ambassador, will use her mandate as a Senator to help consolidate a framework favorable to inclusive and sustainable economic growth, enhance Congolese diplomacy and improve the conditions of vulnerable populations, particularly young people and women.

The Senate traditionally referred to as the Upper House, is one of the two chambers of the Congolese Parliament. Without prejudice to the other prerogatives that are recognized by the Constitution, the Senate exercises, together with the National Assembly, the power to vote laws and to control the Government, public enterprises, institutions, and public services.

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