16. 08. 28
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After Arusha the president of the PYU joined his team in Dare Salaam for an extraordinary meeting at Kilimanjaro Hotel. Meeting focused on the draft of Protocol of agreement between the Pan African Youth Union and the Commission of the African Union to accelerate the implementation of youth programs of the continent.

The meeting also evaluated the 100 days of the new Committee to in its services to the African youth with reports of all regional vice presidents.

Positive outcomes of the President Madam Muyumba, Francine and her team explained to local and international media in a press conference she co-hosted with the Deputy Secretary-General for the East African, in presence of the entire committee, also commending the smooth conduct of the presidential election in Nigeria.

The press conference through which all of them condemned extreme terrorism which cost the lives of more than 147 Kenyan students, making an appeal to the African leaders to be mobilized behind the Kenyan president UHURU Kenyatta, to end fight against this phenomenon that makes more victims among the youth.

Lastly the President of the PYU went to the Institute of leaderships for of Development UONGOZI INSTITUTE.

Here it was question to see the feasibility of a future training of youth strengthening of capacity of Eastern Africa countries, project led by its Deputy Secretary-General for East Africa, also at his side during this meeting.