16. 08. 28
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In the coming days the community of Southern African States "SADC" will proceed with the establishment of the Youth Union of SADC.

The issue was the focus of a forum in Zimbabwe in the province of Kadoma; meeting at which took part the President of the Pan African Youth Union and two members of his committee exécutif.La town of Kadoma, it is more at least 200 km from Harare, capital of the Republic of Zimbabwe.Et c It was in this room that the young leaders to turn the Zimbabwean minister of youth gathered for a forum focused on the forthcoming establishment by the SADC youth Union of SADC; its establishment will be adopted at the next summit of Heads of States of this regional organization.
What justifies the movement of the President of the Pan African Youth Union, Vice-President and Assistant Secretary-General for Africa Australe.Au number of participants also included a delegation coming of Madagascar.Durant exchanges speaking, Francine Muyumba commended SADC for investing in preparations for the establishment of this structure that aims to involve young people in decision making and responding to Article 11 the African youth Charter and recommend to the SADC secretariat to seriously support this structure that will enable area youth to participate in decision décisions.De return to Kinshasa, Francine Muyumba took part in an activity marking international day of girls in ICT sector, organized by the NGO coaching fraternity development and human rights FEDEH.