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The African youth associations has extensive experience of active participation in all the struggles on the continent in search of freedom and a better tomorrow.

This was so yesterday in the struggle for the liberation of the continent, so it is today and it will be the same tomorrow in the struggle for peace, democracy and sustainable development in Africa.

After the Pan African Youth Movement, of which she is the only heir, the Pan African Youth Union of which it is the sole heir, the Pan African Youth Union (UPJ), is the result of a profound renewal process MPJ for its adaptation to the changes occurring in the political scene of the continent and the world, taking into account present and future challenges.

Going into this millennium with a burning desire to do better than in the past, Africa has undoubtedly needs a new dynamic organization and its youth, this driving force that has consistently devoted to carry all good term project of emancipation and development of our societies.

However, it is for this same youth find ways and means of achieving, within it, the changes that are needed by providing answers to the various questions of political, organizational and operational, under the provisions of the African Charter of the youth.

The Pan African Youth Union, crucible of youth for a united Africa, is the response of a united Africa, is the answer to this research. It boasts of the history of juvenile associations of the continent to the role, through the Pan African Youth Movement, in mobilizing international opinion for the independence of the African continent and in defense of African values of human society.

The Pan African Youth Union is the result of profound changes occurred in the various member states in the associative youth movement, transformations for which the Pan African Youth Union is committed to working for their e deepening , aiming reconciliation of the different models of organization of youth in Africa.

Indeed, building the Pan African Youth Union is a challenge that requires the African Youth establishing and strengthening national coordination structures of associations of youth so that the representativeness of each Member State within the UPJ arouses doubt or reservation of any kind, which attest to the credibility sought by the Union, which is essential for strengthening the action and influence of the UPJ.

Since its inception, the Pan African Youth Union embodies the will of African states to invest in their youth. It is the result of an innovative partnership between our governments and the African Union.

Heads of African States must register youth policies at the forefront of priorities of their mandates. The objective set for this priority is clear: to ensure that young people live better every day This implies a movement implementation of all public policies in all sectors, to improve the fate of the young and put these latest situation of partners and stakeholders in policies that affect them.

education policy, employment policy, cultural policy, health policy: the National Youth Council in each state is the tool of this general mobilization in favor of their youth.