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They are :
➢ To sensitize, inform, and mobilize youth, promote, stimulate and coordinate the activities of the African Youth as part of its participation in building its capacity, the bodies of decision making in the political, economic and cultural continent;
➢ To contribute to development, the deepening and consolidation of the demographic process in Africa and also defend the Continent of demographic acquired;
➢ To ensure the proper involvement of the principles contained in the African Charter and other instruments developed by the African Union, particularly for youth;
➢ Serving as interlocutor with the Regional Economic Communities, the Commission of the African Union and United Nations agencies and other partners for issues related to the African Youth;
➢ Serve as a legitimate representative and communication link youth organizations in the Regional Continental and International level;
➢ To create synergies between African youth organizations for promoting the popularization and implementation of the African Youth Charter;
➢ Participate in connection with Member States, Regional Economic Communities, the Commission of the African Union, United Nations agencies and other international organizations in the formulation, implementation monitoring and evaluation of national youth policies in the Member States of the African Union;
➢ To revitalize and develop the partnership with NGOs National, Regional and International as well as the African Civil Societies in accordance with the principles of PYU;
➢ To strengthen, diversify and strengthen the partnership and international cooperation within the associative youth movement and institutions that work in favor of Youth.

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The Pan African Youth Union is the coordinating body of youth organizations at National, Regional and Continental Africa. It is the advisory agency Youth Commission of the African Union. After its revitalization in 2008, following the decision of the Summit of Heads of State and Government in July 2006 and installed its headquarters in Khartoum since 25 May 2011, the UPJ work today to complete the Action Plan of the decade of African youth.
It is recognized by the African Union to act EX.CL / DEC.468 (XIV) to be the spokesman of the national youth organizations, clusters and networks of youth-led 54 member states the African Union.
It maintains relations of cooperation and partnership with regional organizations, Continental and International like-minded in promoting the rights of youth and the implementation of the African Youth Charter, Agenda 2063, Agenda post 2015 and other major continental and international tools to enable African youth at the center of all the institutions.
The headquarters of the UPJ was established in Khartoum Avenue AL Salam Al Taif due to a bilateral agreement signed May 22, 2015 between the Sudanese Government and the Pan African Youth Union.
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27eme sommet francineThe President of the Pan African Youth Union in Kigali in the opening of the 27th Summit of the African Union, during her speech to the Heads of state and government of the African Union; Two important points were registered in her short speech in order to propose tracks of solutions to the main issues of the Young people of the Continent. It is about the creation of the African Fund for the development of Youth and the installation of a high level Committee on Youth made up of Heads of State for concretely taking palpable actions in favor of Youth, especially due to the fact that the year 2017 will be devoted to the Youth of the Continent. The First meeting of the high level committee on Youth made up of Heads of State could intervene in January 2017, during the 28th Summit of Heads of state and government of the African Union. Francine MUYUMBA also required associating to this Committee, the African Development Bank and other important partners.